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Marriott Hotel Discount

Traveling has played a significant part in my life. Since I started to work for an airline, my life had opened up to an exciting world of travel. One of the challenges of being a traveler is funding.

But what if I’m going to tell you that you can get for as low as 50% discount from your next hotel booking with Marriott and its vast number of affiliated 5-star hotel chains worldwide.

A certificate issued after I took the re-certification course.

It is not available to everyone, though. This offer is for a travel agency and airline employees only. All you need is an IATA number to join. The primary purpose of this benefit is to reward the people who sell the products of Marriott.

The program is called Marriott’s Hotel Excellence! Members are required to finish an online course, and a certificate will be awarded. As a token of appreciation, five discount vouchers are issued. These you can use to book a room.

An annual re-certification is required to retain the membership and the benefits. All other details will be sent to you by Marriott.

To join, click this link, then click on register and fill out the form.

I hope this helps you plan a wonderful trip and have significant savings on your hotel bookings.

Do you have any questions? I would love to hear from you. Please leave a message in the comment box below or on Facebook.

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